Notes from USAR Refs Manager

Notes for this week:
Establish BEHAVIOR: 
  1. Set standards early in the match so both teams are aware of the parameters. Playing ADV for every infringement often wastes time and energy. Set it up from the outset, it will create a better managed game.
  2. Breakdown: Generate quick ball availability by penalizing tackle infringements early and quickly as they occur, rather than playing advantage or allowing players to slow down the recycle until they are cleaned out. Quick ball availability means that the ball is available to be played by the team in possession, however they see fit.
  3. Space: Keep players onside at rucks, mauls and set pieces, and PLEASE, more awareness of players that are offside at kicks moving forward. If you are 10m+ away from where the ball lands, you still need to not move forward until you have been put onside.
  4. Scrum:
    1. More patience in the set-up. Wait for the scrum to be square and steady before the each call.
    2. Often the scrum is moving or the defense wheel the scrum 15º before the put-in. FK.
    3. All players are required to push straight. Walking around can easily be seen by the body position and legs of the locks and back row – it is illegal and should be penalized.
    4. Ensure props are bound on the side or on the back. If you allow the Loosehead to bind under the body, it gives them an easy option to bore in.
  5. Foul Play: Put the onus on players rather than debate dangerous or foul play.
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