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On Thursday, September 29, 2016 from Richard Every at USAR <>:

After review of available matches, team coach feedback and reports, we have quite a few areas to address:

    1. Tackler Assist needs to clearly release AND come through the gate.
    2. Quick Ball means its availability is that the ball is clear without defenders slowing the recycle or being in the way – we are allowing defenders too much room to disrupt. CLEAN IT UP.
  2. SCRUM:
    1. Legally dominant teams should be rewarded.
    2. More awareness of defensive scrums under pressure:
      1. Not taking the weight on SET
      2. Walking the scrum around
      3. Dissolving the scrum (players leaving the scrum, standing up, collapsing)
    1. Put the onus on players to play within the Law
    2. More awareness of late tackles/hits on kickers and players following up.
    3. Rucks & Mauls: Joining players have to bind. Shoulder charge into a maul is not allowed and should be penalized and dealt with.
    1. Sack should be immediate. Once a maul is formed, and attempted sack is illegal and collapsing the maul
    2. Defenders have to join from the back, NOT THE SIDE.
    1. The mark for a PK or FK is where the infringement occurred or as indicated in Law, NOT WHERE THE REFEREE IS STANDING.
    2. Quick Tap PK/FK:
      1. Should be taken in the region of the mark, not within 5m from the goal line, and not ahead of the mark.
      1. Ball needs to be kicked, along the ground, OR, must leave the hands

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