General Policies

In order to have your match covered by RSV, you must request a referee using this form. The deadline for games this fall is August 1st. The deadline for spring games is January 15th. The deadline for summer tournaments is May 1st. If games are requested late, RSV will attempt to find a referee but there is no guarantee. Referees will be assigned on a  based on a range of factors, including availability, distance, development plans, and other factors, generally depicted by the matrix image below:

Every week your team hosts a game using an RSV referee you must do the following:

  • Check the schedule and find your referee(s).
  • If no referee is listed contact the referee assigner.
  • Email referee(s) by 5PM Wednesday.
  • Include Match time, location, and contact information for two Club contacts.
  • IF referee is not contacted, they may be reassigned to a different game. If notification is late and the match is covered, the club will be fined $30.

IF a match is cancelled alert the following immediately:

  • Opposing Club
  • Match Refereeboomer2012
  • Division Match Coordinator
  • RSV Assignor

If a match is cancelled on the day of the game, the referee must be notified through either a phone call or text message exchange. If a game is cancelled at any other point, an email is acceptable.

If a side is found to have improperly canceled a match, that team will be responsible for any expenses incurred by the RSV or its members, including referee mileage and possibly the match fee.

In cases where the visiting side cancels at the last moment, and the Referee has already traveled, or is in the process of traveling, then a case can be made to charge the visiting side (if they are part of the RSV coverage area).


Payment of the RSV match fee and referee’s travel expenses are due within 30 days of billing. Non-payment of such expenses will be cause for denial of future RSV services involving those clubs in violation. 


  • Teams will not contact RSV members for individual matches. All games will be sent to the scheduler.
  • No prom dress matches will be entered into the schedule or covered.
  • Alumni matches are covered at the discretion of individual referees, but must be submitted to the scheduler.
  • All films must be sent to referee by Monday evening.