Fall 2019 – Spring 2020

Reported 2019-2020 season schedules and assignments (link).

Current matches and assignments (WTR).

Follow the procedure above at “Request Referees & Assignments”–> “Request a Referee”.

Clubs that are not current on payments will have their matches highlighted in pink. These matches will not receive referees.

Referees must be contacted by the Tuesday prior to a match. Referee contact info can be found above at About Us/Match Referees.

Tech Zones – Now Required!

USA Rugby requires that all Senior Club Rugby Qualifying Matches must adhere to the Technical Zone field set up as detailed by USA Rugby’s Technical Zone Document (link). This is effective immediately.

Some ref courses in Nov 2018

A little far away, but…

——— Forwarded message ———
From: Steve Parrill <sparrill@usarugby.org>
Date: Tue, Oct 2, 2018 at 1:13 PM
Subject: Level 2 Referee/ Coaching of Match Official 2 / CMO1 Courses Nov 9-11 Mobile Al

The True South GU will be offering in cooperation with USA and World Rugby a dynamic suite of referee and referee coach training courses in conjunction with the Battleship Rugby Tourney in Mobile Alabama the following courses are being offered.

Level 2 Referee / Start time 2:00 pm Friday Nov 9th, referees will have course work and also referee matches at the Battleship Tourney on Nov 10/11th.

Coaching of Match Officials 2 / Start time Friday Nov 9th 9:00 am. Coaches will have course work throughout the weekend and also work with referees and referee coaches at the Battleship Tourney on Nov 10/11th.

Coaches of Match Officials 1 / Start time 6:00 pm Friday Nov 9th. Coaches will have course work throughout the weekend and also work with referees at the Battleship on Nov 10. (This course will conclude Saturday afternoon)

All courses are posted for registration and are filling up quickly. If interested, I suggest you register soon. Airport options include Mobile (MOB), Pensacola FL (PNS) 55 min and New Orleans (MSY) 2 hours


Fall 2018 – Spring 2019

Reported 2018-2019 season schedules and assignments (link).

We will be using our current system for Fall 2018. Follow the procedure above at Club Match Submissions.

Referees must be contacted by the Tuesday prior to a match. Referee contact info can be found above at About Us/Match Referees.

WPL 2018

From: Richard Every <revery@usarugby.org>
Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2018, 9:17:37 AM EDT
Subject: WPL 2018

The WPL is in its 10th year and is the leading women’s competition in the USA. We are excited to present a new opportunity for match officials. The WPL has been identified as a pathway for referees and referee coaches, to strengthen refereeing in the USA, and for those that aspire toward professional and international rugby. We are offering both referees and referee coaches the following development and resources, structured on the professional rugby model that includes:

• Referee Online Video Self-Review
• CMO Online Video Review
• Weekly Match Official Online Meetings – Recorded and available online if you have a conflict
• Weekly Best Practices and Video Clips
• Referee Development Manager: Amanda Cox
• Match Fees: Referee $100 / Referee Coach $50
• HP Referee Manager: Richard Every

All successful applicants from your LRO, would, in return, be required to present online meetings to their LRO to ensure that information and resources are shared and are also benefiting the LRO and its members.

To be part of this great opportunity, referees and referee coaches can apply HERE: https://www.cognitoforms.com/ADVANTAGE5/WPLMatchOfficialApplication

You would need the support of your LRO. Only officials that participate in the competition will be considered for the playoffs and finals.


Chop tackles

From: Richard Every <revery@usarugby.org>
Date: Thu, Apr 19, 2018 at 2:24 PM
Subject: April 19, 2018 – CHOP TACKLES
As we move through the playoff matches toward the championships, the intensity in matches will increase significantly.

Please take a serious note of the following:

  1. FOUL PLAY: It appears that we need to take it up another notch or two. As mentioned before, foul play is a player issue, and it is not to be debated. Address it, and eliminate it from the game – we don’t need it in rugby. Safety is priority.
    1. Chop tackles
      1. Minimum YC
      2. Targeted at the joint – RC
    2. Shoulder charge without an attempt to wrap – minimum YC
    3. Tackling a player in the air:
      1. If both players have a realistic opportunity to catch the ball – play on,
      2. If not, it is how the player lands:
        1. On their legs – PK
        2. On their side or lower back – PK & YC
        3. On their upper back/head – PK & RC
    4. Dump tackle: Lifting a player and turning them parallel to the ground or beyond:
      1. If the tackler realizes the problem and they hold the player and put them down safely, play on,
      2. If not:
        1. PK & YC
        2. Player lands on upper back neck/head – PK & RC
        3. Dropping the player – RC
  2. SCRUM:
    1. Be patient and set the scrum up correctly, shoulders in line, bodies straight.
    2. If a player pushes the opposition player up in the air, IT IS CONSIDERED VERY DANGEROUS, blow your whistle immediately for a PK, if they continue to push, YC