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Useful Referee Docs

1) Referee Levels Workbook – what competencies you should be meeting based on your referee level; the Development Working Group also posts links to training videos; and some other useful items.

2) Toolbox for Match-Day Phrases – to help assist in not being too wordy.

3) ADVANTAGE Referee System – everyone who is registered as a USAR Referee has access to uploading match film and clipping it. Helps with working on trends and seeing your performance over a period of time. Even if you don’t upload any matches, you can watch other people’s matches and see what notes they made for their goals/work-ons, etc.

James River Xmas 7s 2021

Yesterday’s officiating crew at the James River Xmas 7s, outside of Richmond. The new Xmas 7s jerseys were great (thanks, Chilly and Love Rugby Company!). Also, a thanks to Margy, who got more than enough referees for the day (a rarity!) as well as arranged referee coaching. And… thanks to Jake Porter who hosted the referees’ post tournament gathering.

James River Xmas 7s referee crew