2016 7s Roster and Subs

On Tuesday, June 14, 2016 9:05 AM, from Patrick Boyle pboyle01@gmail.com:

USA Rugby is participating in the World Rugby 7s Trial laws. This may be temporary as it is a trial. It reads:

3.4 Players nominated as substitutes

A team may nominate up to five replacements/substitutes.

A team may substitute or replace up to five players.

A team may substitute the same player more than once as long as no more than 5 substitutions are made in total.

A good example is a recent USA 7s World Rugby Circuit game where Perry Baker started, Carlin Isles subbed on, then Perry Baker subbed back on. That is 2 substitutions. So there were 5 guys on the bench, and one player who started is subbed back on as in this example, only 4 guys on the bench in total could be used as Perry ‘took’ one of the subs.


This was posted on Facebook on April 2 at 12:26pm, but some folks didn’t get the memo:

In USA Rugby’s current “PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT AND CLOTHING GUIDELINES” (2015), this is very clear: “Prosthetics limbs and devices are currently not permitted in contact rugby. Although there are several different models and materials for these items, they are not permitted in contact rugby. Please contact USA Rugby if there are specific questions around these items.”

Don’t let sympathy overrule common sense. This is non-negotiable. If you need clarification, see https://cdn.usar-assets.com/docs/refereeing/protective-equipment-clothing-guidelines.pdf


On Friday, April 15, 2016, 15:01, Richard Every <revery> wrote:


The ball in a maul may be moved backwards hand-to-hand. A player is not allowed to move/slide to the back of the maul when that player is in possession of the ball, AND, players are not allowed to join/bind ahead of the ball carrier.

Please see below for an example of a player sliding back.


THIS IS A PENALTY KICK for OBSTRUCTION. It is not a non-material infringement to be managed, it is a PENALTY KICK!

RICHARD EVERY | High Performance Referee Manager | USA Rugby

Team Coaches

From: Richard Every <revery@usarugby.org> |  High Performance Referee Manager  |  USA Rugby

Under no circumstances are team coaches allowed to approach the referee at half-time. 

If they do, you ask them to convey all questions through their captain, but you absolutely do not discuss anything with the coach at half-time. If the coach persists the referee will EJECT the coach from the grounds. Zero tolerance approach should be applied and if the person refuses to leave the referee should request that team’s captain to assist. Failing compliance the referee may abandon the match.

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