Club Match Submissions

Schedule Reporting Procedure


Beginning with the Fall 2010 season, clubs will report their home game schedules using a standard spreadsheet file; the RSV is posting this on-line in a publicly accessible location (i.e., no password required). The procedure is below:

1. Click here to download the scheduling file; (XLSX; the file has basic instructions inside).

2. Enter your home schedule only; it is the responsibility of your opponent to report your away match!

3. Email the home schedule to:

by August 1 and February 1.

[Be aware that in the Fall, some of the coordinators arrange and send league schedules in for the clubs. If you don’t know if this applies to you, ask them!]


a. If you are late, the schedules must be submitted to both and

b. IF you need to make a schedule change, please do so in a blank schedule file. ONLY submit the changed matches in the spreadsheet to us, so there is no question of what needs to be changed. Make any necessary comments in “Comments”.

c. If a match is cancelled, for whatever reason, the following are to be advised in addition to the Opposing Club and Match referee: and

d. If you are hosting a round-robin (not a tournament), put your club as the home team, enter “Various” in the Visiting Team column, and explain in the comments.

e. If you are hosting a tournament, put the name of the tournament as the Home Team, enter “Various” in the Visiting Team column, and explain in the comments.

f. Each row of the schedule must be filled out completely for each of your home games. If it is not, the schedule spreadsheet will be returned to you for correction.

g. Referees will not be assigned to alumni games and ‘prom dress’ games.

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