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USA Rugby thoughts around LROs

USA Rugby has some proposals for LRO – in other words, referee societies.

Ideas that are floating around fall principally into two buckets:
One, the viability of having LROs that could be Conference or SBRO-based.
Two, the ‘accreditation’ or grading of an LRO.

In reading the documents, do please remember that these are draft. For example, where you see “Arbiter”, think “Centralized scheduling system”.

USA Rugby have said (at this stage) that if this implemented, it will be done on a voluntary basis; failure to participate should not impact a Society, its members, or a region’s ability to host USA Rugby events.

I’d be happy to discuss this further at the AGM, as I believe participation in a scheme of this sort is something that should be done with the mandate of the membership.

Please let me know of any questions





On July 13, Richmond hosts the Richmond 7s event at Dorey Park. There will be some high quality 7s being played, so come along and enjoy. We will be following the event with the RSV AGM for 2013. Dinner will be provided at the Patrick Henry Pub in Richmond (2300 E Broad St Richmond, VA 23223; (804) 644-4242Google Maps). The event will begin at the conclusion of the tournament (as soon as we all hustle down there!).

We will be walking through the new scrummage engagement sequence; this isn’t a minor change this year, but one that everyone – referee, player and coach – has to be familiar with. We foresee a lot of confusion at the start of the Fall season, so please grab this opportunity to get explanations from the RSV.

It’s also your chance to raise business with the Society – be that election of officers, or the discussion of group insurance supplementary to that which we get via CIPP. We will also walk you through the current state of thinking on both the new Capital GU and the new NCR4 (Mid Atlantic Conference).

Please, make every attempt to be with us; if you have any business to add to the agenda, then let Simon know.

Collapsed mauls

When a maul goes to ground and is not deemed to be collapsed intentionally:

  1. There is no obligation for any players to release the ball or roll away.
  2. If the ball is available, play should continue. Availability would constitute that the referee can see the ball and the team in possession are in the process of recycling the ball.
  3. If the ball is not available, a scrum is awarded to the team that did not have possession of the ball at the commencement of the maul.


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