Chop tackles

From: Richard Every <>
Date: Thu, Apr 19, 2018 at 2:24 PM
Subject: April 19, 2018 – CHOP TACKLES
As we move through the playoff matches toward the championships, the intensity in matches will increase significantly.

Please take a serious note of the following:

  1. FOUL PLAY: It appears that we need to take it up another notch or two. As mentioned before, foul play is a player issue, and it is not to be debated. Address it, and eliminate it from the game – we don’t need it in rugby. Safety is priority.
    1. Chop tackles
      1. Minimum YC
      2. Targeted at the joint – RC
    2. Shoulder charge without an attempt to wrap – minimum YC
    3. Tackling a player in the air:
      1. If both players have a realistic opportunity to catch the ball – play on,
      2. If not, it is how the player lands:
        1. On their legs – PK
        2. On their side or lower back – PK & YC
        3. On their upper back/head – PK & RC
    4. Dump tackle: Lifting a player and turning them parallel to the ground or beyond:
      1. If the tackler realizes the problem and they hold the player and put them down safely, play on,
      2. If not:
        1. PK & YC
        2. Player lands on upper back neck/head – PK & RC
        3. Dropping the player – RC
  2. SCRUM:
    1. Be patient and set the scrum up correctly, shoulders in line, bodies straight.
    2. If a player pushes the opposition player up in the air, IT IS CONSIDERED VERY DANGEROUS, blow your whistle immediately for a PK, if they continue to push, YC

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