Game Film Submission Guidelines

Submission of film to the RSV:

  • Must be steady video, keeping the referee in the frame as much as possible.
  • Must not be a series of clips that are from a cell phone.
  • If using a cellphone and a steadying device, film on horizontal not vertical.
  • Need to attempt to have some vantage point of view that angles down on the pitch. If filming from ground level must be used, maintain an angle on the match, with an unobstructed view.
  • Try to have audio available
  • Upload the film to YouTube and send the RSV the private link to the match:

Once film is reviewed and approved for usability, you will be granted a credit on an annual cycle:

  • $20/film
  • $200 maximum credit per competition year (September-August)

If two clubs provide film, each club will be evaluated/credited on their own submissions.

The video will be used to coach the referee and as a learning exercise. It will not be shared with other clubs but will be shared within the RSV. However, if there is a disciplinary incident detected during play or reported post-match, the video may be shared with the local governing body for their action if specifically requested by that body.

The RSV will track which clubs have submitted and which films are accepted.