New addition to the Referee Society

Congratulations to Andrew and Thuy Lin on the birth of their new daughter.Emma Mae Lin born at 0245 on February 16th. 5 pounds 15 ounces.
The Society wishes you all well.

USA Rugby to participate in IRB Rugby Goggles trial

The full link is here:

Be aware of the following:

1. IRB trial-approved goggles (ONLY) for any players needing corrective lenses or players who have a chronic eye condition reducing his/her vision or who have monocular vision.

2. Under the trial law, if an opposing player considers the risks inherent in playing with or against someone wearing the Rugby Goggles are not acceptable, he/she is free to remove himself/herself from the match but may not insist the wearer of the Rugby Goggles is removed.

2013 Refereeing Sevens Handbook

Please see the below link to the 7s equivalent of the Game Management guidelines:

Feel free to direct any questions to me


Kit Bag Order

The kit bag order is going in – placed for all active referees.

An e-mail was sent to the group earlier today. Please read it and let me know if:
You want to come off the list
You have a stated name preference (and let’s keep it classy Virginia!)



I think this is well worth a read. [I am an Admin at this site, but I think this information is invaluable]

Please remember, prior to every match to check what the medical presence is. And also remember that as the referee, your judgment on whether a player is fit to continue is the one that matters. Nothing trumps player safety.

Grading Manual – USA Rugby

Attached is link to the most current USA Rugby grading manual.

It lays out a match level matrix, as well as expectations by referee level. As you think about your advancement and referee ‘career’, look at this and make informed choices. If anyone has any questions, please just let me know.


Quick outputs from AGM

Exec board for the forthcoming (2013-2014) year is:
President – Simon Smith
Allocations – Les Anderton
Treasurer – Peadar Little

We agreed that the Society would purchase extra insurance for Society members that would give coverage for anything not covered by CIPP.

Emphasis on recruitment! Any ideas most welcome.

Also: it’s helpful to remember your whistle when you’re about to kick off!