Virginia RRSV Clubs and Referees:

In the next month, we will be conducting a trial with RefUp, a replacement to Who’s the Ref.

Our goal is to establish an objective way to assign referees to matches. RefUp will provide benefits to both Clubs we serve and Referees we foster by automating the matching of available and qualified referees to with an appropriate game for their skill set. Matches are assigned a level based on the amount of game management required to oversee the match and general pace of play. 

Clubs: Please stay tuned: Information on account creation and some webinar training sessions are forthcoming. We are hopeful that adopting RefUp will help us better serve everyone.

Referees: Please go to and create an account. This is the first step involved. We will process the user requests. We expect to have a training call later in February to show everyone how to sign up for matches and confirm assignments. 

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