USARR : Sevens Refereeing : Summer 2015

From: Richard Every | High Performance Referee Manager | USA Rugby
e: t: 773 895 6013

Date: Jun 18, 2015, 19:55:01


Main areas of focus are:
  1. Running lines/Positioning:
    1. 45º at the breakdown – not square on or flat
    2. Ball in line running
  2. Breakdown:
    1. Players cannot get up with the ball when they are tackled and held, unless they release the ball first
    2. Tackler assist to release and enter through the gate
    3. Tacklers holding onto the tackled player longer to prevent them from playing the ball
    4. Tackler to roll away and not obstruct arriving opposition players or roll into the scrumhalf
    5. Zone violation by:
      1. Attacking players to retain possession
      2. Defenders to turn over possession
  3. Scrum:
    1. Walking the scrum around: PK
    2. Pushing early: FK
    3. Pusjhing up or pulling down to disrupt the scrum: PK
  4. Foul Play:
    1. Preventing a try being scored by dangerous tackle, deliberate knock, etc.: Penalty Try Yellow Card
    2. Throwing the ball away at FK/PK or lineout: PK Yellow Card
    3. Playing the man in the air:
      1. Lands on feet: PK
      2. Lands on lower back/side: PK YC
      3. Lands on upper back/neck/head: PK Red Card
    4. Off the ball pushing/pulling/obstruction
  5. Advantage:
    1. Call ADV OVER when the ball is secured, in hand, not during a pass
    2. Consider that a quick PK is often the better ADV

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