Pitch Side Concussion Assessment – PSCA NOT USED IN THE USA


From Richard Every | High Performance Referee Manager | USA Rugby

We have received a lot of questions regarding PSCA:
LAW AMENDMENT TRIAL: Temporary replacement – head injury assessment.
PSCA is a global trial in Elite Rugby (Professional) only. They have qualified staff, but as seen this past weekend it is still in the development process:

This AMENDMENT TRIAL does NOT apply in the USA in any rugby.

Referees are to always insure that safety is always a priority as Law 3.9 states:

3.9 The referee’s power to stop an injured player from continuing
If the referee decides – with or without the advice of a doctor or other medically qualified person – that a player is so injured that the player should stop playing, the referee may order that player to leave the playing area. The referee may also order an injured player to leave the field in order to be medically examined.

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