Tackler Assist

From: Richard Every HPRM <revery@usarugby.org>

There is a definite issue with Tackler Assist, where there is no clear release before playing the ball.

Both players and referees appear to struggle with its application and interpretation.

If a defender is on their feet and in contact with the ball carrier as the ball carrier goes to ground there has to be a clear release before they can play the ball through the gate.

We are instructing referees to increase their awareness in this area and work to be more effective and consistent. Here is a video to review and identify expectations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvy32bgICzI

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Scrum Engagement Protocol Changes

The (USA) Rugby Committee has just voted (in a rare show of unanimity) to adopt the silent version of ‘yes, nine’ for all levels of adult rugby.

This is meant to take effect immediately – games played March 1 and after.

A silent acknowledgement to the scrumhalf that the scrum is stable and the ball may be put in. This can be done by touching the scrumhalf or by a signal. The front-row briefing should include agreeing with the scrumhalves in what way the touching will be accomplished and what the signal will be.
Typically, the touch is either in the middle of the back (between the shoulder blades) or on the shoulder. The signal can be a thumbs-up, a nod, a play-on gesture, but needs to be demonstrated to the scrumhalves before the game.

The verbal ‘yes, nine’ will remain in effect for U19/high school and younger.

This decision was reached after input was received from all levels of the game in the USA as to what that community would prefer.

[Received from Bruce Carter (NorCal); order and information were slightly edited from his original.]

Another RSV Addition

mandyAnother new addition to our Society, congratulations to Mandy and Mike Cox on the birth of their new daughter.

Rosalind Opal Cox
7 lbs 15 oz
Jan 30, 2014 at 1:09 am

I asked Mandy for details, and she provided the following:
“Rosalind was born in the big NC snowstorm. It took us an hour and 1/2 in icy conditions to get to the birth center, Mike’s nerves were shot. She was born a little over an hour after our arrival. She has been a pretty easy baby, despite the broken collarbone that went undiagnosed for two weeks. She is all healed now and doing well. Mom is doing pretty good too, despite having three girls to wrangle every day.”

Sounds like a potential Rugby player to me.

New addition to the Referee Society

Congratulations to Andrew and Thuy Lin on the birth of their new daughter.Emma Mae Lin born at 0245 on February 16th. 5 pounds 15 ounces.
The Society wishes you all well.

USA Rugby to participate in IRB Rugby Goggles trial

The full link is here: http://usarugby.org/news/item/usa-rugby-to-participate-in-irb-rugby-goggles-trial

Be aware of the following:

1. IRB trial-approved goggles (ONLY) for any players needing corrective lenses or players who have a chronic eye condition reducing his/her vision or who have monocular vision.

2. Under the trial law, if an opposing player considers the risks inherent in playing with or against someone wearing the Rugby Goggles are not acceptable, he/she is free to remove himself/herself from the match but may not insist the wearer of the Rugby Goggles is removed.

2013 Refereeing Sevens Handbook

Please see the below link to the 7s equivalent of the Game Management guidelines:


Feel free to direct any questions to me


Kit Bag Order

The kit bag order is going in – placed for all active referees.

An e-mail was sent to the group earlier today. Please read it and let me know if:
You want to come off the list
You have a stated name preference (and let’s keep it classy Virginia!)