Rugby matches needing referee commitments must be coordinated with the RSV Referee Assignment Scheduler prior to each season by VRU clubs and union match secretaries. Due to the limited number of RSV rugby referees each week, selection and availability is based on the judgment of the RSV. Each club must submit their schedules to the Scheduler of the Referee’s Society (; the deadlines are August 1 for the Fall Season and February 1 for the Spring season. If a club fails to submit its schedule by these dates, referees might not be assigned to that club’s matches.

boomer2012Teams must consult the on-line schedule and contact the assigned referee(s) with full details (time, directions) by Tuesday evening prior to a weekend match. If the contact is not made, the referee is subject to being re-assigned with no coverage to the unconfirmed game. If notification is late and the match is covered either with or without the originally assigned referee, an additional $30 assessment will be added to the RSV fee. (If a referee is not listed, please contact

If a match is cancelled, for whatever reason, the following are to be advised in addition to the Opposing Club and Match and

boomer2012aAs a courtesy to the RSV, the club’s Fixture/Match information should include the time and date of the match, directions to the home pitch (even when it is well known to all), and telephone numbers of one or two club officials (daytime and evening hours). Payment of the RSV match fee of $100 and referee’s travel/mileage expenses are expected to be in accord with the RSV policy, upon billing. Non-payment of such expenses will be cause for denial of future RSV services involving those clubs in violation. Changes may occur but it is the home club’s responsibility to notify the referee assigned to the match in a timely fashion; if no notification is given, a $100 penalty (as well as the above fees) may be assessed.

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