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In USA Rugby’s current “PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT AND CLOTHING GUIDELINES” (2015), this is very clear: “Prosthetics limbs and devices are currently not permitted in contact rugby. Although there are several different models and materials for these items, they are not permitted in contact rugby. Please contact USA Rugby if there are specific questions around these items.”

Don’t let sympathy overrule common sense. This is non-negotiable. If you need clarification, see


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The ball in a maul may be moved backwards hand-to-hand. A player is not allowed to move/slide to the back of the maul when that player is in possession of the ball, AND, players are not allowed to join/bind ahead of the ball carrier.

Please see below for an example of a player sliding back.


THIS IS A PENALTY KICK for OBSTRUCTION. It is not a non-material infringement to be managed, it is a PENALTY KICK!

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The Future of Rugby Refereeing: PART THREE | Richard Every | LinkedIn

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Team Coaches

From: Richard Every <> |  High Performance Referee Manager  |  USA Rugby

Under no circumstances are team coaches allowed to approach the referee at half-time. 

If they do, you ask them to convey all questions through their captain, but you absolutely do not discuss anything with the coach at half-time. If the coach persists the referee will EJECT the coach from the grounds. Zero tolerance approach should be applied and if the person refuses to leave the referee should request that team’s captain to assist. Failing compliance the referee may abandon the match.

2016 USA Rugby Game Management Guidelines

Here are the 2016 USA Rugby Game Management Guidelines for 15’s, 7’s, and High School.


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Remember that book, “Laws of The Game, Rugby Union”? Well, Law 6.A.4 (a) states: “The referee is the sole judge of fact and of Law. The referee must apply fairly all the laws.”

The key word is “fairly”. That Law makes it essential to provide match officials development, support and opportunity to be successful and to achieve greater consistency and accountability, delivering an exciting, fast-paced and probably a high-scoring product. The referee’s ultimate goal is to provide a fair environment so teams can compete with integrity and on a level playing field.

To achieve that goal we look at a two-pronged approach, TACTICAL and STRATEGICAL. This is a philosophy, and not about technical proficiencies required by all referees. It goes without saying that you need to know the laws and be able to identify them in practice.

Law Amendments & Law Clarifications for 2016

Read and heed!!!

Notes from Richard Every: As the clarification and minor Law Amendments are being used in the Americas Rugby Championship, we will be implementing them this season with immediate effect.

The main alterations are:
1) No more “turnover wheel” in scrums.
2) Added a clear “use it or lose it” in scrums.
3) Losing scrum half must stay out of pocket.
4) Formal sanction for feinting that you were fouled.
5) A player injured through foul play may be replaced by a player who was previously substituted.

Three (3) attachments below:

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World Rugby Clarification 8 of 20 (7s numbers)

From: “Peter Watson” <> Date: December 14, 2015 at 6:19:03 PM EST

Attached is the latest clarification from World Rugby. It concerns the minimum number of players allowed in a 7s game and needs no further explanation. Please distribute to the Local Referee Organizations, Unions, Conferences and referees in your areas.

Feel free to write me with any questions,

Peter Watson
Chair, USA Rugby Law Committee

Download (PDF, 176KB)

World Rugby Clarification 7

Note: read the text. Read it. DO NOT make up your own laws/rules about this. This is for someone who has picked the ball up.

12314189_1109317709098996_3340959901086729689_oPlease review the recent Law Clarification from World Rugby regarding the increasing practice of an opponent kicking the ball out of the hands of a player who has picked up the ball.